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Aruna Info Inc provides a full range of on-site consulting services. Our team of highly skilled consultants provides technical insight, ability and guidance to strengthen your in-house capabilities and resources. Our comprehensive approach helps clients to successfully make the transition to new technology base and transform their organizations to prepare for the next millennium.

Well established and growing, with a reputation for delivery and quality, we are prepared to meet the challenges of a diverse and evolving marketplace - a dedicated partner for all your changing information system needs.  

Aruna strength lies in the quality of its service and its people - well trained and highly skilled who work with you to create systems that empower your organization - then empower you to use and maintain those systems. As a fast growing IT company, we consistently attract and retain the best technical professionals in the business.

Every partnership, we form is built on a clear, in-depth understanding of industry trends and client's needs at the technical, organizational and human levels. This ensures the complete responsiveness of the systems we create, so that the solution we design to work today is the one that prepares you for tomorrow, too.